IBC Head

Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC)

This website is still in draft , it still has a long way to go.

I am just a person who feels strongly that we need information about IBC, all in one place, which is what I needed,  when I first found out that I had IBC.






The objective of this website is to provide:

  • A page telling you about my personal experience of IBC
  • As much honest, current and professional information as possible. All the information will be referenced. There will be two parts  to this section, one is Substantiated Information, the other will be Unsubstantiated Information.
  • Relevant links to sites that give support in any way needed, including links to financial support that many people on chemotherapy will desperately need.
  • Symptoms of IBC. There will be anecdotal accounts of how people found out they have IBC. There will be check lists on the subject.
  • How is IBC diagnosed
  • Useful other links
  • Contact


And there will be much more as the site develops.


This website is not a charity, or affiliated to any other website. Although there will be a couple of links in order that people have a choice to donate, or not to a charity.